Bedfordshire Lace by Jean Leader

Bedfordshire lace by Jean Leader.
Published by Crowood Press, January 2021.
Hard cover, full colour, 128 pages. Quarto size, 19x25cm.

From basic information on equipment needed for bobbin lacemaking, how to make a pricking, how to wind bobbins, explanation of basic stitches, and finishing off.   To the final patterns of a Floral Bedfordshire picture frame (and picture of a church), some wide edgings, and three superb collars.  This book covers each step of the way from simple, narrow edgings, some bookmarks, some butterflies, on to grounds used in Bedfordshire lace, and a chapter on holes, veins and gimps.  Even some instructions on how to incorporate colour in your work.

Highly recommended.   I purchased my copy from, currently available at $AU36.40 at today’s exchange rates, postage free.

Noelene   3 Feb 2021