It beckoned me from hiding
In a book I’d put aside.
“I’m just so beautiful you see
And begging to be tried.”

I know I’ve got the thread for it
Stashed in my special drawer.
I think I’ve got the bobbins
Or should I buy some more?

Now first prepare the pricking –
All other tasks can wait
And wind the bobbins gleefully
(I task I sometimes hate).

Oh joy, there is a pillow free
It only needs a dusting
Gather pins and cloth and such
Hurry, time’s a wasting!

Is that the time already?
Good grief, how time does fly!
I’ve already done an inch or two
Just to see how threads will lie.

Can’t wait for tomorrow
When basic chores are done
And I can sit and lace in peace
I’m having so much fun!

I’ve done a fair few inches now
The pattern’s not so hard
In fact it’s kind of boring
To do it by the yard.

Maybe if I had a break
And came back later on
I know there’s jobs I ought to do
And my inspiration’s gone

I really ought to do some more
It really is quite nice
But first I’ll have to retro lace
I can see I’ve done that twice!

I’m sure there should be more of this
I’ve got the pattern beat.
But it seems to take forever
Just to manage one repeat.

And now there is another piece
I’ve just got to do, you know
And this old piece gets put aside
It’s another UFO!