Torchon Lace Patterns by Elsa

torchon patterns

Torchon Lace Patterns

Torchon Lace Patterns
by Elsa van Baaren, compiled and edited by Christie Wareham-Norfolk.

This is an A4 sizes soft covered 56 page book of very interesting Torchon patterns.  There are circular and oval edgings as well as straight edges and corners, to it caters for a wide variety of requirements.

Elsa comes up with some lovely designs that have a very different look.  The instructions are minimum, but where necessary, there are very clear diagrams to follow.

At the start of each pattern there is a list of the number of bobbins required, thread required, and then the ground stitches, and other stitches used.

The photography is excellent, and each piece is beautifully displayed to entice you to get started.

This is a book that should be in every lacemaker’s library.

…..Liz in Melbourne