Thread – leftovers

Using leftover thread from bobbins.

Thread  – leftover

Q.   What do others do with leftover thread?

A1.  Since I read the hint on Arachne, I have been saving in a baggie the left over thread stripped from bobbins.  Nearly have enough to stuff a pincushion!

A2.  I often use my left over threads for samples of the next pattern, or for magic threads or for working a sample to put in a ‘thread chart’ – I have a simple pattern with ground and blocks, which I have printed off in a variety of different grid sizes – and when I have leftover thread.  I work a sample in the appropriate size for the thread then stick it onto a card and put in a folder – (well labelled so that I can compare the way different threads work up in different grids when I’m trying to decide which thread to use for a pattern) Brenda’s book is wonderful but nothing beats being able to see the thread actually worked up and compare it to another.

I hang mine up on a hook in my room, with a tie-on label (tiny) with the thread name and number, and let the bundle stay there for a week or 2. I give it a bit of time to let gravity straighten out some of the crinkles, and then loosely plait it.  then I can use it for NL. – providing, of course that I have a project I can use it on!

I don’t mind “Wasting” thread.  My mum does crazy patchwork and as I’m renowned for using non traditional colours (Anything other than white!!!!), Mum can always find a use for the leftovers.  She also enjoys getting the “Quality Control Rejects” of my lace as it always adds an interesting touch to her current project.