Simply Sparkle Wedding

A Simply Sparkle Wedding : Wedding Collections in Torchon & Bucks Point Bobbin Lace

by Jane Lewis & Sally Smiddy

This gorgeous self-published book is a great addition for lovers of pretty and fine Torchon/Bucks lace. Although the title indicates the book is intended for wedding lace, the patterns are entirely suitable for other uses. There are 16 collections (more Bucks than Torchon), with each collection containing 3-4 separate prickings for edgings, insertions, garters and ring pillows. Suggestions for adding beads and/sequins are included.  The book is not aimed at beginners; only starting diagrams and occasional additional info is provided, so an understanding of both Torchon and Bucks techniques will be needed.  At a cost of £30 plus postage from the UK £16.25 airmail or £10.75 surface) the book is 237 pages, solidly produced with many glossy photos and contains approx 65 different prickings.  Currently the only supplier of the book is Roseground Lace Supplies.
,,,Michelle  5/1/2020