Schneeverweht und Durchgedreht

Schneeverweht und Durchgedreht by Ulrike Lohr, self published in 1998.  Out of print, and totally unavailable!  I picked up my copy, with great difficulty, from a second hand bookshop in Japan.
Hard cover, black and white with coloured working diagrams.  114 pages.   Three fold out sheets in a sleeve inside the back cover of more coloured working diagrams. German and English.
Binche snowflake designs.  The title of the book is a play on words in German and can’t be translated precisely.  It means the effect of many snowflakes forming a snowdrift and Lacemakers going mad.  Ulrike says we all have to be a little bit crazy to spend so much time and effort on our lacemaking.
The designs are breathtaking, the working diagrams very clear and precise.  A fascinating book.
Noelene  25/3/19