Polychrome and characteristics of polychrome des courseulles.

Polychrome des courseulles

The lace of Courseulles

It is polychrome a silk lace, carried out with the spindles. It is a single technique in the world: the lacemaker rolls up on same spindles of wire of different colors to obtain nuances of color, as a painter would do it on his pallet. It is the dentellier Robert, who, in 1897, asked the painter Felix Aubert to carry out coloured drawings which will be used as a basis for laces decorated with various coloured flowers.

As far as I know Polychrome is a type of point ground lace which is worked in colour. It is mostly motives, such as an oval shape or coaster size of ground stitches, with a lovely spray of flowers in the centre, such as a poppy, blue bell, corn flower etc. The ground stitches are worked in white and the motive in glorious colours. There is also a collar and a fan in the book. Bridget Cook is going to do a workshop on this when she comes to Perth (not at the AGM) and we have all bought the book

I’ve got a book on this type of lace by Claudette & Michel Bouvot. It is, as others have said a point ground lace worked in coloured silks. The part that attracted me to the book, and the lace is the Art Nouveau style of a lot of the patterns.

It is Italian lace, made on the island of Lido. There is a couple of paragraphs about this type of lace in “The History of Lace” by Mrs Bury Palliser. Page 62, last paragraph and the top of page 63.