Point Ground Patterns Book 1

Point Ground Patterns
Original & Traditional Lace Designs
By Karen Blum
Available from the Australian Lace Guild, S.A.Branch
A4, soft cover, 20 pages.  $20 plus postage.

This reprint has been posthumously produced by Karen’s family, and is available through the Australian Lace Guild, S.A. Branch.

Karen’s original comments for this book are as follows:
“This collection of 12 original and traditional Point Ground Lace design is for those wanting to work beyond the basic techniques.  The patterns begin with straight forward geometric designs and are arranged in order of difficulty”

This collection has been enlarged in this reprint, and now consists of 1 mat, 6 motifs, 4 edges (plus a variation) and 4 bookmarks, all in the tradition of geometric Point Ground designs.

For anyone venturing into Point Ground laces, this is an ideal collection of “doable” patterns.