Pentagones et Etoiles


Pentagones et etoiles

Dentelles aux fuseaux: Pentagones et etoiles, by Michele Minguin Debray
Paris, Le Temps Apprivoise, 2009.
ISBN 978-2-299-00032-9
by Helene.  September, 2008

I found this book by mere chance in a quite ordinary bookshop in a small town in Provence, and lost no time in snatching it up.
This is a fascinating book.  It consists only of models for pentagons.  Having noticed that most star designs for lacemaking were symmetrical, with 6 or 8 points, the author decided to design some 5-point ones, which are of course inscribed in a pentagon.  All the designs in the book are by the author, but many more variations can be achieved by any lacemaker.

The book is in french, but the writing is concentrated in the first chapter dealing with general instructions.  The 35 patterns, all bearing wildflower names, consist of a colour photo, a B&W pricking, a few diagrams, and the number of pairs in French, English and German.  20 of the patterns are for pentagons, and 15 for 5 pointed stars.