Old Time Tools and Toys

Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework by Gertrude Whiting.
DOVER publication
First printed in 1928, my copy reprint 1971
357 pages. Over 200 illustrations
No idea of price nothing on it.
It also has a very extensive list of Dover Publications in the back but I didn’t count these pages.
I’d forgotten a lot of the items in the book, lots of pieces of poetry or sayings associated with all sorts of needlework. Lots of bobbin inscriptions listed.
Lots about lace items—bobbins, winders, pillows and stands. It also has chapters on all types of weaving, knitting, crochet and spinning equipment.
Due to reprint date I possibly acquired it for the spinning and weaving mainly at time of purchase.
One of those books where you open it to check one item then an hour later!!
Which is what happened here.
I thought the explanation about the crochet hooks and the sheath was interesting and answers questions for Gumnuts.