Mounting lace on circular or oval shapes

Having completed Karen Blum’s famous oval Torchon mat (must be the most beautiful oval edging ever), I was faced with mounting it on fabric.  This is how I went about it:

  1.   Trace the shape from the footside of the pricking onto tissue paper.
  2. Check this tracing against the lace to see if there was any shrinkage and adjust the traced line accordingly.
  3. Tack the tissue paper to the (washed) fabric.
  4. Carefully machine around the traced line with a thread that matched the fabric (it’s going to stay there).
  5. Tear away the tissue paper, leaving a machined line as a guide for my handstitching.
  6. Tack the lace to the fabric.
  7. Hand stitch all the way round, using a very shallow 3 sided stitch and using the machine stitches as a guide to stitch length.
  8. Trim off excess fabric, leaving enough to turn back “plus a bit”
  9. Finger press the fabric back and tack.
  10. Hand stitch all the way round again, using either a 3 sided or a 4 sided stitch.
  11. Cut way remaining excess fabric.

For how to do the 3 sided or 4 sided stitch, see at the Lace IOLI site.