Illusions of 3D in Split Ring Tatting

Illusions of 3D in Split Ring Tatting by Karen Bovard
50 pages, 8.5×11 inches, published 2019.

This is another of Karen Bovard’s fascinating Split Ring Tatting books with 23 Optical Illusion designs in the book.
The traditional 3 Tumbling Blocks, known well by Quilters, is one of the more simple designs, and many are quite complex. I am sure they will be great fun to tat and the use of colour is apparent in every pattern. Usually 3 shades of colour are used – a pale colour, a medium colour and a dark one to give the 3D Illusion on the 2D work.
Full instruction on using this book are shown at the beginning, and the use of 2 colours to denote the 2 shuttles used is the same as in all her books, so anyone familiar with previous books will be able to start tatting without any problems.
A friend, Dianna Howe tatted many of the sample pieces shown in the book, – and I have had the priveledge of seeing all the sample, displayed on a large board at an exhibition. The 3D effect is quite amazing.
…..Liz Ligeti