Hearts in Bobbin Lace

hearts in bobbin lace

24 Hearts in Bobbin Lace

24 Hearts in Bobbin lace
by Lene Bjorn.
ISBN 87-7847-049-8
Printed at Oko-Tryk I/S, Videbaek, Denmark (2002)
Purchased through Barbara Fay.

This book has 24 double hearts, which can be used as small baskets (table decoration) or carried by the bride/flower girl/maid.
Each heart is big enough to learn a particular technique or ground, but not too big to finish within a reasonable length of time.
The hears are less than a “hand” (4 inches, about 10cm) square and use between 7 and 10 pairs of bobbins.  The handles use between 4 pair and 7 pair.
Some are made in a single piece (folded), some are split and need two pieces to be woven together to form the basket.
Each pattern tells you the thread, pairs needed, and where to hang them, a pricking, with stitch combos and sewings if needed.
Review by Mary-jo Keen.