Grammar of Point Ground

grammar point ground

The Grammar of Point Ground

The Grammar of Point Ground by Ulrike Voelcker.
Hardback, 190 pages.  German with English translations.

A beautifully produced book covering the techniques of point ground laces.  Some of the translations into English could be a little better, but the descriptions are accompanied by very clear, enlarged photographs of lace samples as well as large working diagrams, making it easier to understand the text.  As well as techniques, the book includes patterns for some lovely edges which have been designed so the reader can practice specific techniques.  There are also some very nice medallion patterns.  A must for any point ground devotee.

General questions (thickness of thread, pins, general Q&A relating to any bobbin lace)
The point ground
The honeycomb stitch
The half stitch
The linen stitch
Gimps (lots of loopy gimp examples)
The edge (picots)
Decorating elements (Point d’espirit, tallies, beads, circles, ,holes, pin chains)
Corners in the point ground laces
Finished pieces
Special solutions when working with several colours
Beginning and end
Tips for perfectionists