Gekloppelte Schmetterlinge / Bobbin Lace Butterflies


Gekloppelte Schmetterline / Bobbin Lace Butterflies by Brigitte Bellon
Published by Barbara Fay, Germany, 2015.
A4 size, hard cover, full colour, 72 pages.  German and English.
This book contains some 36 different butterflies, including 6 with Milanese stitches in the wing edges (see orange butterfly on front cover, and yellow butterfly below this).  The pricking is given for a “generic” butterfly for these six illustrations, it’s up to the maker to incorporate their choice of Milanese stitches.  There are also some in Schneeberg technique, one is a Torchon edging, but most are variations of Bellon’s own style.  Every one is delightful.  The introduction states that these are mostly small motifs, quick to work, and that they can be worked with thread left over on your bobbins.  At 32 Euros, not a cheap book, but well worth it, as every pattern is do-able.  I bought mine from Torchon House.