Easy as can be flatbread.

Equal WEIGHTS of self raising flour and Greek yoghurt.
Mix together to a soft dough, take out of the bowl and knead for just a few minutes until all combined, then wrap in cling wrap and leave for half an hour.
Pull off golf ball size pieces and roll out as thin as you can
Put a dab of olive oil or a tiny pat of butter in a heavy based frying pan heated over a moderate heat.
Flap the rolled dough onto the hot surface, leave for 2 or 3 minutes (have a peak, see if brown spots are forming), then flip and cook the other side.  You can be rolling the next piece while this is cooking.
Eaten fresh, they are light and easily bitten through, not tough at all.   Best if eaten straight away, or at least the same day.

My lunch the day I posted this was one of these flatbreads, pulled into bits, dunked in garlic infused olive oil and then dipped in Turkish Dukah with a glass of white wine.   Yum.