Delapre Abbey in Lace

Discover: Delapre Abbey in Lace

A4, soft cover, spiral bound.  Full colour on glossy paper. 38 pages.
ISBN 978-1-9161367-0-0

The result of a UK Lace Guild Triennial Lace Competition and exhibition in Northampton’s Delapre Abbey.  Several lacemakers met at the Abbey, took photos of various features, and designed laces of all types based on those features.  Types of lace include Torchon, Milanese, Bedfordshire, Bucks Point, Needlelace and tatting, 24 patterns in all.

Can be purchased via Roseground in the UK, or direct from the compiler of the patterns, Jackie Poulter, or from Louise West, 15.95 Pnds Stg plus postage.

….Noelene, 16/9/2019