Working a star, and using crocheted bobbin holders.


It brings 3 pairs together to start a half stitch motif.  It is described as “a vertical 6-thread crossing, and is worked as a 6-pair crossing.  The runners can come from left to right or right to left. ”

Here is a method for a 3-pair crossing that I was shown by Bridget Cook on the Chantilly course I did recently:

Number the threads 1 to 6 from left to right.  Then do the following sequence of moves.

4 over 5
2 over 3 and 4
5 over 4
3 over 2 and 1
6 over 5 and 4
3 over 2
3 over 4 and 5
3 over 2 and 1
4 over 3
6 over 5

This is long winded but if you try it with pairs of coloured threads, they do all very neatly end up in the right places!

I spent yesterday trying black silk Chantilly, found that crotcheted chain holders in wool are the best help.  The little plastic hair clips will work but threads become twisted.