ATCs by Christie

Australian Lace Article by Christie Wareham-Norfolk

In 1996 by a Swiss artist M Vanci Stirnemann. Stirnemann held an exhibition of thousands of business card sized artworks he had made. Visitors were invited to return to the exhibition and take one Continue reading

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Bobbin Mottos

Collected during discussions in December 2008 – Thanks to Jenny R for keeping a record of them all.

Sayings on Bobbins

  • A clean house is a sign of time ill spent”
  • Dull women have immaculate homes
  • I’ll do some housework Continue reading
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A-Z of Lace

A is for Alencon Lace / Ayershire /Argentan

B is for Brugge / Binche / Beds / Bucks / Brussels / Brabant / Blonde / Borris / Branscombe / Bayeux…….

C is for Cluny /Carrickmacross / Chantilly / Crochet / Continue reading

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Types of Lace

  • Alencon Lace
  • Amelia ars Lace
  • Arganta Lace
  • Argentella Lace
  • Arlanc Lace
  • Arras Lace
  • Armenian Knotted Lace
  • Austria spitze Lace
  • Ballantrae Lace
  • Battenburg Lace
  • Bayeaux Lace
  • Beanile Lace
  • Bedfordshire Lace
  • Binche Lace
  • Blonde Lace
  • Bohemian Lace
  • Borris Lace
  • Braid/tape Lace
  • Branscombe Continue reading
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