It caught my eye right from the start
“Come and see me, come and see!”
A pillow full of thread and sticks
All tossed so gleefully.
The lace maker looked up and smiled
“It’s quite simple dear, you see.
You only cross and twist like this.”
But it looked too much for me.

But as I stood and watched awhile
The worker seemed so calm.
Perhaps I could just try a bit
It can’t do any harm.
So I acquired a pillow plain
Some bobbins and some thread.
A book which promised I could learn
When I’d digested what I’d read.

I’d only just done Chapter One
And was thrilled with what I’d done.
But now I needed different thread
And far more bobbins – more than “some”.
My pocket snake was screeching
“How much more” he said.
I stuffed a gag around his mouth
And really wished him dead.

But now I am addicted
With thread and books galore;
With bobbins spilling out of drawers
And pins upon the floor.
I may be poor now at the bank
But it was definitely worthwhile.
For time is worth far more than gold
And my lace just makes me smile.

To make such things of beauty
To conquer each new task.
To spend my time with hours of joy
What more could I ask!