Beads in Bobbin Lace

How to put beads into bobbin lace

What is the best way to put beads into BL?

Do you thread them on the thread, then release them one by one as you ‘cross, twist’, or do you add them with a sewing when you need hem? —or is there a 3rd way? (not sewing them on afterwards!)

The way I was shown yonks ago, was that you push a fine crochet
through the bead and pull one thread through, then sew the second thread
through the loop. It has worked very well for me, and you don’t have to
thread all those beads on first.(and you are very often short one or two as

If a crochet hook won’t go through, a doubled over piece of beading wire is a good substitute.  I’m actually tempted to try bending a piece of beading wire in two, and supa gluing the two ends into the handle of an old (broken) bobbin, see if that works.   Like a needle threader