Artistic Trading Cards Exchange 2019

For our exchange here are the important details:
each card must measure 2.5 ” x 3.5 ” (64mm x 89mm), and be handmade and of your own design.  As a lace group, it would be nice to include a small piece of lace, however I note that some of our members are unable to make lace at the moment, so I leave that to you.  Papercraft, painting, felting etc are all artistic forms too!

On the back of the card, include your name, contact (email), the title of the design (if you have one) and if you make a number of the same theme or very similar, write the card number and the number of cards i.e 1/6 (first card of a set or series of 6).

I will hunt down my album of cards (it has been a while since I even looked at it) and take some photos to send to Noelene for the web site later this afternoon.
If you like what you see, and would like to participate, please send me the following details:


Snail mail address

Number of cards you would like to make/exchange

in an email with the subject line: ATC Exchange.

Email me these details direct, please, to laura_rose at yahoo dot com.

To give time for the word to spread, let’s make the 31st of March the sign up deadline (just give me a few days to sort myself out again, but it will give me cause to re focus and get on with things) and the post out date 30th of April…so you have around 6 weeks to get thinking and making 🙂  I will acknowledge each email to let you know I have received it, and send out your partners by the 7th of April.