Ann’s Facemasks

For a downloadable, PDF document of these instructions, download here – AnnsFacemasks

Ann suggests you do not iron the shopping bag fabric, it may alter the water resistant quality.

And that all seams are 1/4″.



  • Reusable shopping bag from Woolworths, Aldi etc.—Outer mask
  • Polycotton—middle of mask
  • 100% Cotton—absorbent layer next to face
  • Nose strip—I used Twistable Soft  gardening Ties
  • Cotton tape or elastic for securing mask to your face.

Cut fabric 7.5 inches by 8 inches—one of each fabric

Cut two side tabs for tape channels, about 2 inches by 4 inches from reusable shopping bag fabric.    These tabs must be wide enough to accommodate tape for securing mask.

  • Sew short sides (7.5”) of fabric together with the reusable shopping bag in the middle of the cotton and polycotton.
  • Turn fabric to right with the reusable shopping bag fabric on one side, 100% cotton on the other side and the polycotton –green in the middle
  • Topstitch theses two 7.5″ edges close to edge.

  • Determine the centre of your mask
  • Place the nose strip in the centre of one of the finished edges
  • Using a zipper foot sew a channel to accommodate the nose strip firmly.
  • Stitch along the open edges to secure all edges

  • With the shopping bag fabric facing you create three pleats.  Pleats must go from head to toe so that any droplets will not be caught in the folds.
  • Do not use pins on the shopping bag fabric—pins may create holes which would reduce the water resistant quality of the fabric.   I used hair pins but you may have other clips
  • Finished width is about 3”.
  • Sew pleats in place.

  • Sew side channels onto face mask
  • Turn fabric to right side folding under a seam allowance –sew
  • Channel must accommodate your choice of tape or elastic.
  • Insert tape or elastic to channel.