Cluny de Brioude

cluny brioude

Cluny de Brioude

Cluny de Brioude – Modeles Inedits de Dentelles au Fuseau (New patterns for bobbin lace)
By Mick Fouriscot and Odette Arpin

Hard cover, 46 pages, full colour.  French.
My copy purchased from Barbara Fay a couple of years ago, 14.50 Euros (still available).

Excellent introductory diagrams and working diagrams, all colour coded.
Patterns include 3 sets of of edges and corners, two round edges, a star edged mat and a deep collar edge with matching cuffs.

Not to be confused with the more recent publication, Clune de Brioude dentelle polychrome, by Odette Arpin alone.